A space for practical strategies that teachers or parents can implement.

2 Styles: How Do You Communicate With Kids?

Do you reflect on your communication style? Do you reflect on the type of relationships you have with children in your care? Here are two very different styles that may be worth considering.

Top Quality Reward Systems

Reward systems are commonly used in schools. But are they used properly? Here are four keys to lock in, five steps to implement one and four reasons why it may not be working as it should.

How to End the Tale of Telling Tales

Ever have a student or group of students who love to tell tales on each other from yard? A minor behaviour that can become a major disruption. Here’s a simple way to solve the issue in a positive manner!

Call-and-Response 101

Call-and-response chants are a basic strategy that, if used well, will develop a high level of listening skills in your classroom. Are you maximising their effect?

Defining the Problem

Tim Ferriss specializes in interviewing successful entrepreneurs, athletes and investors. He collated all these interviews into two books called Tool of Titans and Tribe of Mentors. Both books are a great read and in the latter book, Tim asks everyone the question if they had a billboard in a prominent place that they could write any message on, what…

How to Motivate Homeschoolers

How do I get my child to do some school work at home? This article will turn you into a supreme motivator with three simple points that teachers use every day.