A space for articles related to anxious behaviour.

The 5 Stages of the Assault Cycle

Kaplan and Wheeler offer a five-stage cycle to understand incidents of violence and physical aggression. Each section requires different considerations.

7 Common Triggers for Meltdowns

One-size-fits-all approaches for reacting to meltdowns don’t work. Supporting a child who is hungry or sick and getting extremely upset the same way as you support a child who has an unmet need for attention makes no sense. Be curious and not judgemental. Identify the trigger.


As teachers, we can often end up mediating conflicts or handling crises throughout the day. Successful management of these situations where tensions or emotions may be running high does not need to be a win-lose scenario where the teacher wins and asserts their control while the student or students back down, or worse, when the […]

Should teachers punish?

Punishment is a controversial topic. Should teachers punish or is this old-school and outdated? Applied Behaviour Analysis has some key points for consideration.

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