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Week 21: If you read this, touch your nose

Week 20: Free eBook Download, Lego and Sir Ken

Week 19: Last ever email (Kind of)

Week 18: I broke the rules, so did you (probably)

Week 17: Sore Losers, The Pitfalls of Cultural Education & Desire

Week 16: Where to Start With Racism? 80/20 and Mindset

Week 15: Distractions, Profiling and Hating Change

Week 14: Scientific Thinking, Added Work And Stress

Week 13: Three Pens, MagnusCards and Buddhism

Week 12: Gnats, Asking Experts and a Million and One Thoughts

Week 11: PTSD, Apps to Make Life Easier and A Road Trip

Week 10: Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein and Some Guy Called Hanlon

Week 9: Monday Newsletter

Week 8: Monday Newsletter

Week 7: Monday Newsletter

Week 6: Monday Newsletter

Week 5: Monday Newsletter

Week 4: Monday Newsletter

Week 3: Monday Newsletter

Week 2: Monday Newsletter

Week 1: Monday Newsletter

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